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Immediate Legal Advice Can Smooth The Process

Filing a divorce in Georgia is not easy. The process can take anywhere from a couple months to a year depending on the complexities involved. By consulting a divorce lawyer right after making a decision to end a relationship, it is often possible to avoid costly mistakes that cause delays.

At the Carter Law Office, in Cumming, we are here to help clients resolve difficult and often emotionally charged family law issues such as divorce, legal separation as well as child custody and property division. You do not need to go it alone. With more than 20 years of legal experience, we can explain your options and help you reach a timely resolution.

There are a few steps to take, especially before moving out of a joint home:

  • Make a copy of tax returns, real property deeds, bankruptcy petitions and any other documents that provide a picture of your joint finances.
  • Start a monthly budget with exact figures for monthly groceries required to feed children and costs to maintain the home.
  • Stay off of social media. A moment of weakness could later be used against you by an ex-spouse who may be unfriended, but still see a post through your joint friends.

You may not have access to retirement account information or know how to value a pension or deferred compensation. We can help locate all joint assets. Then we will ensure that property division, alimony and child support are fair based on your available resources.

Negotiation, Mediation Or Trial?

Because each case is unique, it is crucial to get tailored legal advice. Do not make the mistake of believing that a Google search can replace the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Developing a strategy before you file for divorce can often help limit the number and severity of the disputes. An initial reaction may be hard to anticipate. If there has ever been any indication of domestic violence, we can make sure protections are in place.

Thinking about where you are willing to negotiate may start to take the emotion out of the situation. It will never be a business transaction, but we will be here for you to lay out the available options and help you reach the best possible outcome. Many cases can be resolved through negotiation or mediation. When necessary, attorney Randy Carter knows his way around a courtroom and will present the strongest case on your behalf.

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