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Traffic Tickets


Driving is an essential part of every day living, including work necessities. Millions of traffic tickets are issued every year. The state of Georgia is the 6th highest writer of nasty violations out of all the 50 states. The average cost is about $250.00 and upwards to $2000.00 depending on the offense and the state laws.

One in every six drivers will get caught by an officer of the law and be issued a speeding ticket every year. Just because you get a ticket, which is only an allegation, it does not mean you HAVE to pay it. From the roughly 41 million speeding ticket, the cost to the drivers, collectively, would generate six billion in state's revenue.

Stats show that about 95% of the people who get a speeding ticket, will not contest it and just pay the fine. Thus about 5% make an effort to fight the charges, and could have their case dismissed or pay a reduced fine.

As we all know, time is money. Most everyone cannot take several days off work to show up at arraignment and attend their trial of the case.

Women are more likely to contest their tickets, while men do receive more tickets than women.

Out of all professions, doctors receive the maximum number of speeding tickets.

Fighting a traffic ticket is not difficult. Many people fearful of lost time and the costs associated with the ticket end up paying the ticket, even in cases where they are falsely accused and/or are innocent.

The first thing you should do upon receiving a traffic citation is contact and experienced attorney to find out more about contesting your ticket(s).


I have helped your neighbors in the past, successfully, to get tickets dismissed or with a greatly reduced fine, which also my reflect on your insurance rates.

Keep your insurance rates low and keep your fine money by hiring an expert Attorney Randy Carter.

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