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Were You Injured At Work?

Were you injured at work and need help with your initial workers' compensation claim? Maybe you tried to file your own claim but it was denied. Or maybe you were getting benefits and now your employer wants you back at work so is refusing to keep paying. No matter what position you are in, we can help.

At Carter Law Office, we help injured workers get back on their feet. When people come to us, they are injured, out of work and worried about how they will support their families. When they leave our office, they know they are in good hands.

Located in Cumming, Georgia, we handle workers' compensation claims for clients throughout Forsyth County. Our firm will be by your side every step of the way — from your initial claim through the appeals process and negotiating a settlement. Our goal is to make sure you get the benefits you need to treat your injuries, pay your bills and continue to support your family.

If you were injured at work, do not wait to get legal help. Many people's initial claims for workers' comp benefits are denied. While you can appeal a denied claim, there is just more time you will have to wait before you get benefits. Working with an experienced lawyer from the beginning will give you the best chance possible of securing your benefits without delay.

We've Been Handling Workers' Comp Claims For Over 20 Years

We can't predict the future. But, we do have over two decades of experience handling workers' comp claims. We know how the insurance company will view your claim and the steps it will take to try to minimize the amount of money it has to pay you.

This knowledge is a great benefit to our clients. We can predict how the insurance company will react, and we know the steps t hat must be taken to get our clients the medical benefits and lost wage benefits they are entitled to.

Get On The Road To Recovery

Navigating the workers' compensation system on your own can be difficult. There are many complex rules and deadlines, and one misstep could jeopardize your ability to get benefits. Give yourself the best chance at success. Contact our firm today. Call 770-744-4614 or email attorney Randy Carter to schedule a free consultation. Workers 'comp cases are handled on a contingency basis — that means no fees until we obtain compensation on your behalf.

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