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What Benefits Am I Entitled To?

Most people know the workers' compensation system exists. But many are unsure what exactly they are entitled to receive from the system. In general, workers who are injured on the job are entitled to two types of benefits: lost wage reimbursement and medical benefits.

While this may sound straightforward, computing the exact amount of your benefits — and getting all of the benefits you are entitled to — can be challenging. At Carter Law Office, located in Cumming, Georgia, we are committed to helping injured workers maximize their workers' comp benefits, and we are here to help you.

Workers Compensation Benefits: Reimbursement For Your Lost Wages

In Georgia, injured workers are entitled to reimbursement for their lost wages. There are three types of lost wage benefits:

  • Temporary total disability (TTD): You are entitled to be paid two-thirds of your average weekly wage up to $500 per week for up to 400 weeks.
  • Temporary partial disability (TPD): If you return to work but cannot earn the same wage you used to due to your injuries, you may be entitled to TPD benefits. These benefits are calculated at two-thirds of the difference between your average weekly wage before and after the accident.
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD): This benefit is paid to workers whose job injuries left them with permanent disabilities. The benefit is calculated based on the percentage of your impairment and your compensation rate. This benefit is either paid out weekly or is paid in a lump sum.

Do I Get To Pick My Doctor?

Unfortunately, no. Your doctor has to post a list of approved medical providers. However, if they don't post this list, or if their list does not comply with the law, then you can select your own doctor. If you have questions about whether you can choose your medical provider, contact my office. I will review your employer's actions — and the list of doctors they provided to you — to determine your options.

As the injured worker, you are not responsible for paying any deductibles or copays.

Depending on the nature of your accident, other avenues of compensation — other than workers' compensation — may be available. For example, if your accident was caused by a nonemployee, such as an independent contractor, you may have a personal injury claim too.

Learn More About Your Right To Workers' Comp Benefits

When you work with us, you will always be able to get a hold of your lawyer. Attorney Randy Carter will work directly with you — from start to finish — and he will always return your calls. To get answers to your workers' comp benefits questions, call our office at 770-744-4614, or send us an email. We serve all of Forsyth County. We handle workers' comp cases on a contingency basis — there are no fees until we resolve your case.

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