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Workers' Comp FAQ

After a work injury, you probably have questions. It may be your first claim or you may have an aggravation of an injury if you are asked to return too soon. Speaking to a workers' compensation lawyer right away is one way to get individualized answers.

Located in Cumming, the Carter Law Office has been helping injured workers across Forsyth County for over 20 years. We often hear the same questions when we first meet with clients. Here are general answers to a few of these questions.

How Soon Should I Report An Injury?

Notify a supervisor or manager immediately. You have 30 days, but waiting can bring up questions about whether the injury actually occurred while you were on the job. Failing to meet this 30-day time frame could be grounds for a claim denial. In case questions arise about your injury, be sure to gather witnesses, names, time and place.

Your employer's responsibility does not start until you provide notification. Once notified, your employer must document your injury and file a claim with its workers' compensation insurance carrier and notify the Georgia State Board Of Workers' Compensation.

If you have questions about benefits, please see our benefits page for answers.

Do I Get To Choose A Doctor? How Do I Get A Referral?

You do have some choice, but you may not be able to see your regular physician if he or she is not on a list of workers' compensation doctors.

Your authorized treating physician will refer you for needed treatment and pick the providers such as physical therapists. Other times a referral may not list specific medical providers, it may simply list "neurological treatment" and you are able to select the provider.

There are also some options for a second opinion, if you have concerns about treatment being provided.

Can I Be Fired After I File A Claim?

As an at-will state, Georgia employers can fire employees who are receiving workers' compensation payments. This is one reason it is important to speak with an experienced workers' comp injury attorney as soon as possible. With my 30 years experience, I will be able to counsel you as to how to proceed with what actions to take next.

The Best Chance For Success

It can be difficult to navigate the workers' compensation system alone. Call 770-744-4614 or email us to schedule a free consultation. We handle workers' comp cases on a contingency basis, which means you pay no fees until we obtain compensation for you. The sooner you get an experienced attorney, the better.

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