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Understanding divorce and separate maintenance

When a couple has decided that staying together is no longer feasible, they may believe divorce is their only option. Though there are some similarities, separate maintenance, which is similar to a legal separation granted in other states, is a different process from divorce.

Having an understanding of the difference between divorce and separate maintenance may be beneficial. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind.

3 mistakes to avoid when dealing with insurers

Dealing with red tape is never enjoyable. If you have ever had to deal with an insurance company, though, you know that this is exactly what it typically entails. This is especially true if you happen to be filing a claim. Doing so often triggers an onslaught of interrogation and inconvenience at the hands of the insurer. There are several mistakes that can make it even worse, though.

Be sure to avoid these missteps when you are dealing with an insurance company. Any of them could make it easier for an insurer to deny your claim and withhold the compensation that you may be entitled to. 

What you should know about workplace PTSD claims

While growing up in the Cumming area, you probably figured you would learn a vocational skill before starting your own company. To achieve that goal, you have to first get past the experience stage. It never crossed your mind that you would end up suffering from a severe case of PTSD after working for years as a nurse. Now the thought of you going to work has caused you to develop a mental health condition because of the traumatic workplace event, preventing you from functioning normally and bringing home a steady income. 

Financial stress can add to the pressures you feel and cause delays in your recovery. Fortunately, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical expenses and lost wages to help ease your stress and enhance your recovery. Post-traumatic stress disorder workers’ compensation claims should at least have proper documentation on: 

  •        PTSD symptoms that last no less than one month after the date of the triggering incident.
  •        The triggering event, be it mental or physical.
  •        The incident, which should have occurred while the claimant was performing job-sanctioned responsibilities. 

Understanding the Georgia paternity process

Separations and divorce can be trying times for all parties. In situations involving children, it is important that parties handle family disputes properly. 

In cases where the paternal father does not receive that designation, he may not be able to fully exercise his parental rights. Therefore, it is important to understand the paternity process in Georgia.

Workers' compensation and repetitive stress injuries

You may be in a line of work that requires you to perform a certain type of motion repeatedly, and over time you may be unable to perform your job without pain.

You may have a cumulative trauma injury, also known as a repetitive stress injury, that has developed gradually. This is a common workplace issue, and it often leads to a workers' compensation claim.

Pre-existing conditions and your workers' comp claim

If you find yourself hurt on the job, there may be workers' compensation available to assist you while you are out of work. These funds may be critical to relieving the financial burdens you face so you can focus on healing. 

Some workers may worry about employers denying their workers' compensation claims due to pre-existing conditions. Thankfully, in the state of Georgia, there are laws that govern such situations to provide a fair result for both parties.

6 steps to take immediately following a vehicle crash

A car crash can be a harrowing experience. You may feel dazed afterward and find it difficult to pull your scattered wits together. However, if you can remember a handful of essential steps that should be followed and take action, you will get through this rough time with as little stress as possible.

If you have a cell phone with you, one tip is to remember that it has a camera. You can use it to snap pictures of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles involved. Here are six additional tips to add to your post-accident to-do list:

5 things you may be compensated for with a personal injury

Injuries happen every day. Some are just the results of an accident or something you couldn't see coming. Others are the result of another's negligence, and can cause financial, physical, mental and emotional harm to you and your family. Fortunately there are laws in place that can protect you and provide financial compensation when you are injured at the hands of someone else. According to the American Bar Association, personal injury can happen because of the action or inaction of another person. When you have an injury and choose to file a lawsuit, you may receive compensation for several things.

3 steps to take to prevent claim rejection

You may have heard stories from family members recounting run-ins with their medical insurance companies that left them feeling exasperated and helpless after a claim was denied. Although they faithfully paid their premiums and did not let their policies lapse, your relatives' claim on the unplanned surgery was not approved. Hours spent talking to insurance representatives, reviewing hospital billing codes and studying the policy coverage ensued. What a nightmare.

You too pay your bills on time and have not let policies lapse, but you are concerned that you will share a similar frustrating experience. You have no medical or legal background, so how can you make certain that your future claims will be approved?

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