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6 steps to take immediately following a vehicle crash

A car crash can be a harrowing experience. You may feel dazed afterward and find it difficult to pull your scattered wits together. However, if you can remember a handful of essential steps that should be followed and take action, you will get through this rough time with as little stress as possible.

If you have a cell phone with you, one tip is to remember that it has a camera. You can use it to snap pictures of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles involved. Here are six additional tips to add to your post-accident to-do list:

1. Check for injuries. Obviously, you must see to your own injuries, but also determine whether anyone else involved in the accident was hurt. Render aid if you can.

2. Activate your hazard lights. If your hazard lights work, turn them on. Leave the vehicles where they are if they are not blocking traffic. Otherwise, move them to the side of the road, if possible.

3. Call 911. As a traffic accident can be an emergency, anyone involved in such an incident can call 911. This is especially important when there are discernible injuries or if someone died in the crash.

4. Report the accident. After you have done an injury check and phoned 911, call the police and report the accident.

5. Exchange information only. The Georgia Driver's Manual provides instructions for exchanging information with the driver of the other car. You should provide your name and address, license plate number, driver's license number and insurance information. The other party should respond in kind. While you wait for the authorities to arrive, make small talk only. Do not discuss fault with the other driver, and under no circumstances admit responsibility for the accident.

6. Call an attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney understands how traumatic a car crash can be. You may be facing medical bills, lost wages and more. Your attorney will examine the details of the car crash and work diligently to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation for the injuries you suffered.

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