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Can you choose your own doctor in a workers' compensation case?

Employees sustain injuries every year in Georgia. In 2016 alone, 134 salaried workers sustained fatal injuries and even more suffered serious wounds. 

In the aftermath of a workplace injury, you need to seek immediate medical attention. The law requires your employer to have workers' compensation insurance, and your boss must send you to the hospital to review your injuries. Following a trip to the hospital, you need to see a doctor for routine check-ups to determine whether you can go back to work. A lot of workers want to go to their usual doctors. Many employees are skeptical of doctors their employers choose because they may have a vested interest to send you back before you are ready. Fortunately, there is a way you can start seeing your personal doctor for treatments. 

Review your employer's Workers' Comp Managed Care Organization

Many employers throughout Georgia provide a list of doctors workers can go to in the event of an injury. This is the Workers' Comp Managed Care Organization. In the event the company does not provide a WC/MCO, then you may select any provider you want on your employer's dime. 

Select another doctor if your employer's physician initially denies your claim

The doctor your company selects may initially say your injuries are not sufficient to qualify for workers' comp. You deserve to get a second opinion if you genuinely feel you cannot go back to work. You can see another doctor of your choosing, and from there, the Georgia Board of Workers' Compensation may cover your injury. 

Switch doctors if necessary

The initial doctor may grant you workers' comp, but you would still prefer to see the doctor you have gone to for years. You can only do this one without requiring the approval of the BWC. If your employer has a WC/MCO, then the list should include guidelines on how workers can switch medical providers. 

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