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5 things you may be compensated for with a personal injury

Injuries happen every day. Some are just the results of an accident or something you couldn't see coming. Others are the result of another's negligence, and can cause financial, physical, mental and emotional harm to you and your family. Fortunately there are laws in place that can protect you and provide financial compensation when you are injured at the hands of someone else. According to the American Bar Association, personal injury can happen because of the action or inaction of another person. When you have an injury and choose to file a lawsuit, you may receive compensation for several things.

3 steps to take to prevent claim rejection

You may have heard stories from family members recounting run-ins with their medical insurance companies that left them feeling exasperated and helpless after a claim was denied. Although they faithfully paid their premiums and did not let their policies lapse, your relatives' claim on the unplanned surgery was not approved. Hours spent talking to insurance representatives, reviewing hospital billing codes and studying the policy coverage ensued. What a nightmare.

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